10 Chinese Food You Must Avoid

We can found Chinese food in every place. Countries like America, Canada, India has their significant farmlands. Even then we can see an enormous amount of Chinese food there. What was the reason? The reason is that Chinese food is very much cheaper from other food items. But Chinese food comes at a cost that is it has very dangerous fillings. In other words, we can say that Chinese Foods contains Plastic, Pesticides, and Cancer Causing Chemicals. 


Following is the list of dangerous Chinese food that would harm our health


1. Processed Mushrooms

Chinese food

Do you know that about 34% of processed mushrooms came from China, Just like apples? One does not know about how these Chinese Mushrooms grow up or how healthy these are? This Chinese food is very harmful to our health. If you want to be safe, then try to eat only local grown up mushrooms or try to buy from some famous brands.


2. Apple Juice

Chinese food

China exports a huge amount of apple juice. Do you know that China is famous for their usage of harmful pesticides in their Chinese food? In China, they used even those dangerous pesticides on their foods, which their government bans. So think about how dangerous these Chinese food items will be. So to make apple use at home is the best to tip.


3. Chinese Garlic

Chinese food

China exports a lot of garlic. Like they used dangerous pesticides on their Chinese food. Thus we can say that they used those harmful pesticides on garlic also. So if you want to be safe and don’t want to affect your health, then don’t use Chinese Garlic. It is a little bit difficult to find out the garlic of China, so here’s how you can spot them:

  • China cuts the roots off these to save weight when they ship them. So If it contains sources, then it is safe.
  • Garlic that is imported from China is lighter in weight, So which garlic is heavier in weight and more bulbous safe.

So by above these steps you can find out Chinese Food (garlic) and be safe by not using them.


4. Plastic Rice

Chinese food

Many reports are coming that the rice coming from China is not the real rice. When cooked them, they stay hard. These rice may be made up of resin and potatoes. Plastic rice may be in the market. This chines food item would harm your health a lot as you are eating plastic. So avoid it as much can as you.


5.Tilapia Fish

Chinese food

This fish is bottom feeders and can eat anything almost. In China, there is very much polluted water, and Tilapia fish eat many things in that dirty water. Plus a study says that this Chinese Food item is unhealthy for our body.


6. Cod Fish

Chinese food

China exports this, and again there are water poluted issues. China does not have any law against these type of problem. So I advised you never to eat this Chinese food.


7. Chicken

Chinese food

China suffers from avian flu and other foodborne illnesses. And also there is the same problem with this Chinese food item as mentioned in above fishes (Polluted water and feeding issues). So avoid this Chinese food also.


8. Black Pepper Mud

Chinese food

One merchant in China caught selling this Chinese food as black pepper. This was their local issue but always be careful and verify the quality before buying this.


9. Industrial Salt

Chinese food

The industrial salt produced in China finds its way in China food items. So any salt that imported from China may be a combination of industrial salt. The consumption of this type of salt may cause you hypertension, high blood pressure, and the risk of heart attack and stroke.


10. Green Peas

Chinese food

In China, fake peas were also found, and this Chinese item made with soy beans, snow peas, tell along with green dye and sodium metabisulfite(This sodium may cause cancer). When boiled, These green peas also didn’t soften.

SO the above information about Chinese food it tells us: Eat local. Eat organic. and Support healthy farming practices.

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