6 Dangerous Food Combinations You Should Avoid

We all loves to eat food. And we always try to eat something different. For this purpose, we try various combinations of food items. But do you now that sometimes wrong food combinations  i.e. we combined two bad things then it will be very harmful to our health. Even if we combined healthy foods, many physiologists, modern hygienists, and Ayurveda say that the wrong combination of foods will lead you to serious disease.

So to avoid any disease, please don’t try to combine various food items without having perfect knowledge about them. Here I’ll tell you some food combinations that will harm your health a lot.

Followings are the most dangerous food combinations that you should avoid

Cold drink with cheesy food: –

Harmful food combinations you should never try to eat

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Nowadays we all prefer to drink soft drinks with junk food. But due to this negelance, we suffer from many diseases. Drinks like Coke have more calorie and high sugar which is too much for our body then we need. Thus it causes many serious health diseases like Obesity, reduces bone strength, heart disease, etc. So this is one of the very worst food combinations. We advised you not to drink cold drinks with junk food.


Banana and Milk: –

Harmful food combinations you should never try to eat


Ayurveda makes a list of food combinations which are not good for health. Banana and milk combination is one of them. According to Ayurveda, these food combinations is very heaviest and toxin-forming. They say that this will slow down our mind. But if you loved this combination you can eat this but make sure that banana is very ripe. And also add cardamom and nutmeg to stimulate digestion.


Water After Meal: –

Harmful food combinations you should never try to eat

While we are eating our body perform various processes Like digestion of food.  If we drink too much water while eating then, this can interfere with the natural and necessary levels of bile and stomach acid. As a result, this will slow down digestion process and also reduce the body’s ability to produce digestive enzymes to digest the food. If the food is not properly digested, then it builds toxic waste, no matter what you are eating.


Fruits and Meal are not good food combinations: –

Harmful food combinations you should never try to eat

Everybody love to eat fruit salad in our breakfast with our meal. But do you know this is not good for our body? As it quickly passes through our digestive system and detained in our system. As a result, the Sugar presented in fruits start to Ferment.

So don’t try to eat much fruit salad with your meal.


Beans With Cheese: –
Harmful food combinations you should never try to eat

If your digestive system is not so stable then never try to combine Beans with Cheese. The combination of these will cause gas and other problems related to digestion. Beans by themselves only would not make the Gas related problem. So if you have a weak digestive system then don’t try to eat this combination.


Tomatoes with Pasta: –

Harmful food combinations you should never try to eat

Pasta is not so tasty without cheese and tomatoes. But tomato in pasta is not good for our digestive system because there is acid in tomatoes which affects digestion and make it difficult to digest. So to avoid this problem try pesto sauce instead of this.

After reading this, we assume that you are aware of above listing dangerous food combinations. And we hope that you will not try to eat such harmful food combinations.

If you know some other food combinations that are dangerous for our health, then please share them with us.

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