9 Ways To Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Today is the Era of technology. Technology provides us many good things. Mobiles, computers, etc. are one of the great inventions of technology. It helps us a lot in our day to day life, However, to stick to the mobiles and computers for a long time will give an adverse effect to your eyes. So today we’ll tell you some simple ways which can help you to improve your Eyesight naturally. You don’t need to go for any operation.

So Follow these simple steps to Improve Your Eyesight


1. Do Indian Trataka Yoga to Improve your Eyesight


Improve your eyesight naturally

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Trataka yoga will help you a lot to improve your vision. If you do this yoga daily, this will help you to have a focused eyesight.

How to do: –

  • Sit in front of candle in meditation pose. Candle should be placed an arm’s length away from you. It should be of the same height as your chest.
  • Look at the flames of Candle without blinking.
  • Close your eyes and if you see the image of flame then without any tension concentrate on it.
  • Open your eyes and repeat the same.

Don’t do this yoga for more than 10 minutes continuously. This exercise will Purify your eyes, strengthens the muscles of the eye, improves concentration, vision & memory.


2. Close your Eyes for some time after every 2 hours

Improve your eyesight naturally

As we work on computers, mobile, study etc. continuously, our eyes feels tired. So to relax eyes for some time after every two-three hours is very necessary for our eyesight. So do this after proper intervals, if you don’t do it then it will effect your eyes.


3. Best exercises of eyes for perfect workout

Improve your eyesight naturally

In above picture some great exercises are given. Follow these practices daily in the given sequence. It will help a lot to you to improve your eyesight. If you do these work out of eyes daily then in few months you will saw good results for your eyesight.

4. If you wear glasses, reduce the time of wearing glasses

Improve your eyesight naturally

If you are wearing glasses then wearing glasses continuously for an extended period will lessen the capacity of eyes. So always tries to reduce wearing glasses whenever it possible. If you wear glasses consistently, then your eyesight will become weak and can’t easily be improved.


5. Drink Carrot juice to improve your eyesight

Improve your eyesight naturally

Doctors always say that Carrot’s Juice is good for eyes. So we suggest you to drink Carrot’s Juice daily, it will help to improve your eyesight. You can also add olive oil to the juice; It helps in absorbing complete nutrients of carrots.


6. Try circular motions to give eyes relaxation

Improve your eyesight naturally

While doing daily work of starring on things will give pressure to eyes. So here’s a simple massage for you to relax your eyes. As in above picture move through the points 1 to 6, you can use your middle finger and index finger to perform the motions. While pressing these points, this will exert pressure on eyes and thus gave relax to your eyes.


7.  While walking in the open air, Try to look into the distance places

Improve your eyesight naturally

When you go for a walk or go in the fresh air, always try to concentrate on the distance objects rather staring at girls :P. This will increase the vision of your eyes. Thus you will have an improved eyesight naturally.


8.  Use warm water to Wash your eyes 

Improve your eyesight naturally

When your eyes feel some pressure on them, the best way is to wash your eyes with warm water. This will helped to decrease tiredness of eyes and gave a fresh feel to eyes. Thus you will feel cool and fresh after this.


9. Never stare laptop or TV’s screen continuously for a long time.

Improve your eyesight naturally

Never stare at the compute’s screen or mobiles constantly for a long time. This will harm your eyes. Thus maintain a decent time gap. Watch Tv, run Laptop for the limited period and not share the screen at least 2 hours before go to bed.


Some Do’s and Don’ts to improve your eyesight


  • Consume more those food items which contain Vitamin A  & Vitamin C.
  •  If your eyes are often dry, blurry or tired then up your water intake.
  • Consume carrots and other such foods rich in beta-carotene.
  • Try to avoid sugary foods as much as you can.
  • Gave enough rest to eyes


  •  smoke.
  •  stare at gadgets for too long.
  •  stay engaged in one activity for long.
  •  depend too much on your glasses. Try to reduce the wearing of glasses,

Hope these tips helps you to improve your eyesight. For other queries comment down.

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