Best Dog Breeds For Home And Children

A dog is the most adopted pet animal in homes and for children. Dog is considered as most adorable and cutest pet. A dog should should be adopted as a family member not as a toy. Petting your dog also helps to maintain health as petting helps in maintaining blood pressure.

According to Animal Planet, Eighty percent of dog owners all over the world show love to their pet dogs by giving them gifts and special treats and some Big-heated persons also include their dog’s name on family cards. There are various breeds of dogs in which some are most adorable while some of them are banned in society.

Check Out The Best Dog Breeds For Home And Children :-

#1 – Boxer

Boxer is known as people oriented breed as they love playful and energetic environment. They are small-sized, short-haired dogs grown in Germany. Boxer have strongest jaws so you better never mess with them. They love playful environment and love to interact with children. They can live from 9 to 15 years.



#2 – Mastiff

They are like giant but lovely in nature as they interact with humans and their family instantly. these dogs gentle with children and an ideal family pet. They can live from 10 to 12 years. they are very large in size and their face is also big like giant. Mastiff  was developed from England and have sub – breeds called ” mastiffs ” dogs. They are lovely and best as a pet Dog.


#3 – Old English Sheepdog

From appearance, Old English Sheepdog looks lovely and adorable.  Their face and eyes are covered with fur and hairs. Some people use word ” Bob-tail ” to call them.  Old English Sheepdog can grow their coat very long . This breed also been grown in England.  They can live from 7 years to 12 years.


#4 – Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is one of the rare breed which loves to swim in water or frolic on the land. This breed is known as disability assistance breed in many countries. This breed is also used for detection and therapy work. Some of them are trained to help the blind. Other name of this breed is ” Labrador “.

Labrador Retriever has been developed in United Kingdom and Canada. Labrador Retriever are also very active and playful dogs which loves to play and interact with children. they can live up to 13 years.


#5 – Dalmatian

Dalmatian breed is famous for their unique black doted coat. This breed is a popular family pet. Dalmatian has been discovered from Croatia and its historical region of Dalmatia. This dog loves to run and can run a day long then can play in night with kids. If you have horses as pet, then its very cool because Dalmatian loves to play with horses.

This breed can grow up to 58–61 cm and can live from 10 to 13 years. Shortly, we can say Dalmatian is a lover of fun and playful environment. kids and their parents also take care of this lovable dog as a family member. They are healthy by nature and easy to keep also.


#6 – Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux is large French and one of the oldest breed dog. Dogue de Bordeaux has a muscular and powerful body. This dog is loyal to his owner and gentle with the children. But this breed is commonly used for works like pulling carts, hauling heavy objects, to guarding flocks and, historically, the castles of the European elite.

This breed has been originated from France in 14th century/ Before 1920, there were not any breed of this dog. Thus, this breed is known as “French Mastiff ” in France. If you got a chance, then make sure to adopt this beautiful dog for you home and children.


#7 – Golden Retriever

The energetic and lovely Golden Retriever is the most popular dog in United States. Active and friendly are just short words to describe this beautiful breed. They got the name ” Retriever ” because of their ability to retrieve shot game undamaged. they can be easily trained to basic rules of family and interactions.

Only they need is outdoor exercise and they should be kept in fenced area because of their instinctual tendency to roam. this beautiful breed has been discovered from Scotland. Golden Retriever can live up to 12 years.


#8 – American Staffordshire Terrier

American Staffordshire Terrier dogs are popular for their loyalty towards their owners. This breed loves to have people around them, thus, they are perfect for a family and children. In 20th century, American Staffordshire Terrier rewarded as number one family dog in United States and was accepted by the American Kennel Club in 1936.

This breed is also known as Amstaff and Stafford. They are developed in the United States of America. They can live up to 13 years. American Staffordshire Terrier is a common breed of ” pit bulls “. So if you are thinking to adopt a dog that can protect your home also, go and adopt American Staffordshire Terrier.



#9 – Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a giant sized working dog. They can be found in black or brown colour. They were used by fishermen in Newfoundland island of Canada. As you can see, they got their name from this island and their are originated at that island as well. The most loved task by this dog is to pull weight.

They are popular for their giant size, intelligence, tremendous strength, calm dispositions, and loyalty. Newfoundland dogs excel at water rescue because of their muscular build, thick double coat and webbed feet. They can live up to 10 years.


#10 – Mutts

The last breed which can be adopted for home and children is Mutts. this breed is combination of various international breeds. They are available in small size as well as large size in many countries. This breed has no fixed origin. Mutts are just just a mixture of some pet dogs that can be adopted.

Other name of this breed is ” mongrel “. Their number of population is around 150 million all over the world. So take a break and plan a family trip and adopt a lovely dog from this lovely breed.


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