Chinese Food Near Me – Most Popular Restaurants For Chinese food

The popularity of Chinese Food items increasing day by day because of their look, taste, and uniqueness. If you also love to eat Chinese Food items and you have always a question in your mind that, How to Found Chinese Food Near Me? In this article, I will give you the answer to your question – Chinese Food Near Me. I will tell you the most popular restaurants, where you can easily get Chinese food of your taste.

Here are the Most Popular Restaurants For Chinese food Items

Chinese Food Near Me: 


1. Jing Yaa Tang – Beijing

Jing Yaa Tang restaurant is in Beijing. This restaurant provides various dishes which are inspired by the famous Beijing roast duck and also provides a wide range of regional favorites Chinese Dishes across China. This restaurant is Designed by Alan Yau, a London-based restaurateur. The specialty of Jing Yaa Tang is Peking duck, is roasted to a crisp, juicy perfection over jujube wood. The duck is wrapped in a thin pancake paper, cucumber and melena, house-made fermented sauce and slivers of leek also give with this. These all add a fresh twist to a classic dish. If you are in Beijing and trying to found Chinese Food Near me, Then this restaurant is the best option.


2. Ming Ting – Chengdu

If you are in Chengdu in search of your earlier question of Chinese Food Near You, Ming Ting is the best hotel located in a historic market. Main specialties of this hotel are deep-fried ribs, pig’s brain mapo tofu, and lotus leaf steamed pork belly. In their kitchen, you can watch an army of teenage chefs at work.


3.  Fook Lam Moon – HongKong

Fook Lam Moon was Founded in 1948 and is now becomes one of Hong Kong’s most iconic restaurants. Fook Lam Moon is a very reputed restaurant for brilliant traditional Cantonese cooking. It Ranked No. 15 on Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants. They serve some of the best dim sum lunch and roasted meat like char siu and roasted pork along with the city.  If you want a lavish meal then order the Double-boiled Bird’s Nest with Whole Coconut. This restaurant is the best answer to you question “Chinese Food Near Me” If you are in HongKong.


4. Sek Yuen – Kuala Lumpur

Sek Yuen is located in Kuala Lumpur, opened in 1948 near bustling Pudu Market. It is one of the oldest restaurants, which have the same time-worn, beautiful, art-deco building for almost 70 years, Sek Yuen is an institution in which some of the old aged chefs served their dishes to almost three generations of fans. They use 100 percent wood fire in cooking. Restaurants like Sek Yuen have not existed now. Their famous Chinese Food items are Abalone mushrooms, de-shelled prawns, and sesame oil-infused baby octopus.

Here you can get punchy food with the requisite use of garlic, oyster sauce, and siu heng wine. These all will warm you up from the inside. The Eight Treasure Duck is a spectacular New Years tradition which has been served here longer than anywhere else in the world. We can’t forget about the four-season platter which reminds us of the Chinese banquets in the olden days. Sek Yuen is a legendary restaurant because of its perpetuates quality and tradition and is the answer of best Chinese Food Near Me.


5. Royal China Restaurant – London

If you are trying for authentic Chinese Food near me in Queensway, London, then we recommend you for Royal China restaurant. It has a lively atmosphere, and their little dishes are above the competition. At the original Queensway branch, the long dining room is lined with mirrors and black lacquered walls. Here you can get dim sum, cheung fun, crispy duck, noodles, and seafood.


6.  Newport Tan Cang – Los Angeles

Newport Tan Cang is located in Los Angeles and actually owned by Cambodian natives. It serves Chinese food with Cambodian and Vietnamese influences. The is a seafood restaurant which draws people from all over the country because of their house special lobster. These lobsters are plucked alive from a tank just before cooking and, then fried with green onions and chiles. These are priced by the pound. Newport Tan Cang is the best answer to your question – Chinese Food Near Me – if you are in Los Angeles.


7. The Eight Restaurant at the Grand Lisboa – Macau


The Eight is located in Macus and one of the Michelin-rated restaurants. It has the Grand Lisboa complex. This Chinese Restaurant has private dining rooms and a lavish interior, Famous Chinese Food items present in this are Cantonese and Huaiyang cuisine. In these classic Chinese dishes are served with an elegant creative touch. In their lunch menu, their are more than 50 kinds of dim sum. Its highlights include hedgehog char siu buns and beautiful goldfish dumplings. This is an excellent restaurant if you are searching “Chinese Food Near Me” in Macus.

Above are the Most Popular Restaurants For Chinese food, if you are searching Chinese Food Near me. Here you can get tasty Chinese Food. These Hotels are popular among the whole world for the Chinese Foods.

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