Essential Skincare Tips for Summer

All of us want to always look good, no matter which season is going. But in Summer, our skin needs more care as compare to other seasons. As the summer season is coming, so you need to aware about your skin and do a proper Skincare. In the summers, the dry skin gets patchy and the oily skin gets oilier. Breakouts and pimples will also be seen here. The roughness,  and the rashes and that acne will not go away. But I’ll tell you some simple tips which help you to glow through this season too.

How Summer effects our Skin

If the temperature is going warm, then there is need to change the routine working of your skincare. If you don’t take care of your skin in the sunny Indian summer, it can be pretty harsh on your skin. So just like you change your clothes according to seasons, thus skin care also needs a change according to seasons.

If you are working or remain in too much sun, them this will be bad for your skin. This will not only be tanned you but also cause premature aging of the skin. Too much exposure to the sun causes more melanin to be produced, melanin is called pigment which is contained by our skin. And this will lead you to change the colour of your skin.


Here are holistic tips for summer skincare 

1. Face care

The face is the one’s most important thing for any person, it is the identity of yourself to the world. So it is very necessary to take care of your face. In the months of summer, special skincare is required for the face. So be sure to keep your face dust-free and clean sweat. Most of the people encounter pimples in summer. If you also suffer from pimples or breakouts, you don’t need to buy costly face-washes. You just have to clean your face with water. splash your face with water 3-4 times every day.

Exfoliation is a  good method to keep your face clean. One has to use the scrub once or twice a week in the months of summer. But scrub depends on the type of skin. For example, if your skin is prone of Acne, then it needs Multani Matti (fullers earth), rose-water, Chandan, and basil whereas. But if your skin is dry then you should use egg, Chandan, lemon, and curd with a pinch of turmeric.


2. Use weather appropriate products

The creams like thick creams, that you were using in winter they will not help you in summers. As I said before you should have to change the cream also as you change your clothes according to seasons. So pack them and use summer creams. Months like Summer need those products which let your skin breathe in a natural way. SO don’t use the products that block pores, otherwise, it can cause more Skin related problems.

If you have normal skin then you can use Water-based moisturizers. But if your skin is oily, we preferred to use gel-based moisturizers. Another skincare tip is that apply curd on your body for 10 minutes before going to bath, and also use glycerin and rose water while bathing. This skincare tip will benefit your skin a lot.


3. Stick to the basics

Skin can also be dry in summer. If you moving in and out of air-conditioned areas, this will dry out not only your facial skin but also your whole body. So always Stick to the basics i.e., toning, cleansing, and moisturizing of skin before sleeping at night. One other thing Sweating, which can cause the skin pores to open up. So here you need to use a toner, this will help to close these pores, But for this, your skin will be clean. UV rays in summer could cause wrinkle and premature aging, thus these old basics keep most important.


4. Importance of sunscreen

Uv rays may be harmful to our skin all the year but in summer these are more dangerous. Because in summers, the level of exposure of our skin is very high. So always wear sunscreen. Choose a suitable sunscreen for your skin and wear it 20-30 minutes before going into the sun.  If you are going to swimming, then when this sunscreen washed out, re-apply it at a time. If you are applying sunscreen regularly then it will save you from many sun-related problems like wrinkles, fine lines, and so on.

You have to change the brand of your sunscreen after every six months. If you are thinking that oily persons can’t use it, then you are wrong. Gel-based sunscreen is preferred for the persons having oily skin. If you doing make-up then you can use a sunscreen moisturizer with a matte finish. You can also use a cream based as an alternative one, but that should get absorbed well,


5. Natural remedies

Oh yes! Never underestimate, what your grandparents said you. The things present in the kitchen can also be used for the skincare purpose. There are many integrands in the kitchen which will make your skin smooth. Like Tomato and lemon can be used to freshen the skin. For this, you have to get the juice of tomato but without adding water to it. Now freeze that use as ordinary water. When it freeze properly, apply that on your skin. The lycopene present in tomatoes benefits your skin a lot.


6. How to save the eyes and lips

During the Summers, Sun rays between 12-4 p.m. are the harshest most than other time. So don’t think to step out during this time. But if you want to step out then be careful, and cover your eyes with sunglasses. Also, use a Balm for your lips. We don’t care more about the skin around the eyes. But that part is very delicate and needs more care. But if there is too much heat and burn your eyes, then try to wash your eyes with cold water. If after that your eyes still burn, consult a good doctor as soon as possible.


7. Maintain hygiene  

You can tackle the heat by maintaining proper hygiene. For this, you have to bath twice a day. This will not only keep your Skin fresh but also helps in combat summer lethargy. using Neem Leaves while bathing is also good for skin. If you are doing this regularly and you suffers from body odor, then regular bathing benefits a lot against it.  You ever notice that, when we are in the pool, we feel more tan than ordinary. What is the reason behind it? The reason is that the Chlorine water speed up the process of Tanning. So after swimming, do bath in order to get the chlorine off the body.

When you put some salt – like a pinch of salt in water and then soaking your hand and blood in that water, it will boost the blood circulation.


8. Eat cooling foods

The food eaten by us do a lot to our looks and body. If you eat heavy foods in summers then it will make you sluggish and also makes your body more oily.  It also causes to breakdowns in the skin. So always eat vegetables and fruits according to the weather. Never use more sugary cold drinks, because they are full of calories. Drink at least 8-10 glass of water daily. To hydrate your body, try fruit/vegetable juice.


9. Wear breathable fabrics

In summers, wear breathable clothes. Never use tight clothes, they will irritate you and there will be sweating. As a result more the itches. So use Cotton and lighter fabrics in summer, they will relax your body.


10. Don’t fear the sun

The light of sun helps us to produce more serotonin, these help in boost our mood. So there is no need to afraid of the sun. as it is a mood enhancer. That’s the reason why we feel low in winters when there is no sun. You have to only maintain your outdoor working, protect yourself from sun-rays.

All these tips will be very useful for skincare purpose.

Follow these Simple steps for Skincare while traveling is Summer 

  • Always hydrate your skin before traveling. We often forgot skincare regime while traveling but try to keep them with you.
  • Take the supplement of omega 3 and vitamins, it is good for the skin. Carry them with you and consume at the proper time, these will protect you from any harm.
  • Keep face-wash with you and moisturizing your face 3-4 times a day. Carrying quality wet face wipes will also help you in case you don’t get the clean water.
  • Take complete and sufficient rest while traveling. This also affects the skin.
  • Don’t even dare to forget about the sunglasses. Keep good quality sunglasses with you. They will save your eyes from UV rays and other harmful rays.


Here are some home-made summer skincare tips that would help your skin a lot

  1. You can use Sandalwood paste for your Skincare. You have to apply it on the eruptive conditions or you can mix sandalwood with a little rosewater. After mixing apply the mixture on the entire area. And after 30 minutes wash off your face with simple water. This will very useful for Skincare motive.
  2. Apple cider vinegar also helps a lot to relieve itching. You have to apply a few drops of Apple Cider Vinegar with some water on the itching area with the help of cotton wool. You can also use the vinegar that is used for cooking if you don’t get apple cider vinegar.
  3. You can also use Tea Tree oil as Skincare remedy. For this, you have to add 2 drops of Tea Tree Oil with two drops of rose water and then Apply this on the rashy skin. This will very useful for Skincare motive.
  4. Add 2-3 drops of sandalwood essential oil in 50 ml rose water. Apply this on the rashy area.
  5. You can use turmeric paste with milk and then apply this remedy on rashy areas. This will very useful for Skincare motive.

If you will follow above these tips, you will get a lot of benefits for your skin. These tips will safeguard your skin and protect from various problems. If you find this information helpful for you then also aware your friends about this.

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