Steps To Get Six Pack Abs In Three Months

Nows a days Six Packs abs is become a trend in our society, everyone wants they have six packs . Peoples thinks that it is very tough job ,  but we have some easy tips to get six pack abs in  three months. Six packs abs is depend of different factors like body fat percentage, meal and our workout .

What is Six Pack Abs :-

Six Pack Abs is a sheet of muscle, it is the part of stomach. We can get it by proper diet and daily workout. we can get six packs abs by losing fat and building muscles. If we have fat then the layer of fat will hide it. I know you have many queries like  how i get six pack abs ,  How much time it takesWhat we can bring it to exercise at home 😛 . But don’t worry  i will solve it.

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I already say you Six Pack Abs will depend on your Meal as well as Workout.

Six Pack Abs


Exercises For Building Abs :-

   #1 Pullups


Six Pack Abs

A Pullups is a upper body pulling exercise. This is a basic exercise . we can do this exercise even at home easily . Now a days boys and girls do pullups at home daily. Grab bar with your hands. keep your hands at wider from your shoulders . grab the bar tightly. This is the starting posistion. Then pull up your body until your chest touches bar. Then Release your body slow down.

 #2 Cable Crunches 

Six Pack Abs

Cable Crunches exercise is mainly for upper and lower abs. In this exercise rope is attach with a pully. Grab rope with both hands tightly . Hold rope in front of our forehead , bend head and arms towards your knees and stop at end of the knees and release rope slowly to our starting position.

#3 Ball Pull-in

Six Pack Abs

Main Purpose of Ball Pull-in exercise is to develop and shape lower abs.  This exercise is very helpful to get six pack abs . This exercise is doing with the help of ball . We can make position same like Picture and roll your legs backward and forward slowly .

#4 Seated Leg Tucks

Six Pack Abs

This exercise is used to develop upper and lower abs both and is also helps to give shape to abs. This helps is very useful and helps to increase body stamina as well as strenth . In this exercise we need a bench . Sit on the bench and raise your legs same as in the picture . Then move your legs up and down .

Meal For Building Abs :-

  • Broccoli

Six Pack Abs

Broccoli is a low calorie food which helps to lose weight . It is useful food for lose weight according to US Department of Health & Human Services. It contains high potassium, which helps to maintain our nervous system and brain healthy. It contains magnesium and calcium which helps to regulate blood pressure.

  • Sweet potatoes

Six Pack Abs

Sweet potatoes contains carbohydrates, fiber, vitamin C, manganese and potassium. It is used to restore glycogen level of body.

  • Apples

Six Pack Abs

Apple is a postworkout meal , it helps to refule your body. During workout it gives power to body. Apple is high nutritive value and low in calories.

  • Green tea

Six Pack Abs

Green tea  improve metabolism and according to Chinese Journal green Tea work like medicine . It helps to boost our energy and reduce stress and also helps to wait loss.


Diet Plan

Six Pack Abs

This Diet is Very helpful to get Six Packs Abs . Follow This Plan To get Good Result Otherwise Abs takes time to shape . This diet plan is specially for those who Get Six Packs Abs in 3 months . Cannot change your Diet until you get good results . I hope this will helps to get Six Packs Abs.

Some Tips To Remember

  1. Eat protein according to your Diet.
  2. Focus On Your Diet Strictly
  3. Use Cardio
  4. Do Thousand of Crunches Daily.
  5. Don’t Miss Your Diet
  6. Never Compromise with your Workout
  7. Eat Proper Fat and Carbo.

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