Happy Mother’s Day – History Behind The Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

At every place, Mother’s day is celebrated by one mean or by another. More than any other day, On Happy Mother’s Day phone calls, greetings are given to each other. Happy Mother’s Day is very special to everyone, It is the day to celebrate for someone special. Who gave birth to us, take care of us whole the life. Happy Mother’s Day is the biggest international special day, celebrated in every place, But it is on the second place in the sale of flowers, Valentine day is on the first number. However, Mother’s Day never meant for the purpose of profit.

History Behind The Happy Mother’s Day

Various religious all over the world celebrate some special days for their mothers.  In India, Hindus celebrate a festival named “Mata Tirtha Aunshi” that is known as “Mothers Day“. This festival is celebrated in the month of Baisakh on the new moon day. The Roman Catholics celebrate a special day for Mother Mary.  In other countries, various particular days are selected to celebrate “Happy Mother’s Day“.

In  America also they celebrate Happy Mother’s day.  Julia Ward Howe wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation,” in 1870. Which was a call to action – asked mothers to unite to promote world peace. This proclamation a reminder of the power of the women that they hold within the home and with this power they shape the minds and lives of their children.

Happy Mother’s Day is for mothers to take proper actions and not to sit at home and waiting for presents. It was asking from Howe,  In 1872, for the celebration of the “Mother’s Day for Peace” on 2 June of every year. But she didn’t a success.

Origin of The Modern Mother’s Day

The origin of the Mothers day that we celebrate till now was first of all held in America in 1908. Then this day was a very private and important day when in Grafton, West Virginia, Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother. At the very first Mother’s Day,  Anna Jarvis held carnations, because her mother loves those flowers.

in 1905, the mother of Anna, Ann Reeves Jarvis died.  She was a very peace woman. At civil war, she cared for wounded soldiers on both sides. She also created ‘Mother’s Day Work Clubs’ for the welfare of the public. But she died, Anna made it her own mission and she wants to honor her mother by continuing the work she started. She also tries to set day to honor mothers – because the mother is a person – who has done more for you than anyone in the world.  But it took her approx 6 years to attain her mission and to start celebrating a day to honor mothers i.e Happy Mother’s day. This day was made an official United States Public holiday on 1914.

Interesting Fact About Mother’s Day

This day is about the positive impact that mothers have on society. And also great the work they do for their children. In earlier Mother’s day was about to giving mothers the power. And also to reminding them of what can be achieved when women and mothers come together. But in the early 1920s, various companies make this day their profit earning profession. They started selling flowers and Mother’s Day cards for the purpose to earn profit from their sale. At that time carnations were starting as the recognized symbol of mothers day. White carnation is a way to honor a deceased mother while to wear a pink carnation is treated as to honor a living mother.

The interesting thing about the Mothers day is that the Anna Jarvis who started this tradition after sometime denounce it. Because of the profiting,  commercialisation, and misrepresentation by various persons on that day. She as I, was against the sale of pre-made standardized Mothers Day Cards because one can’t compare mothers with those cards. Anna said that we should celebrate mother’s day by going to church with our mother and also by hearing the Mothers Day Mass there.

Because of the exploitation of the Happy Mother’s Day, Anna protested against it and even tried to rescind Mother’s Day. But know this day is present in the calendar also. But it never meant for the profit earning. It is to give the power to mothers and to respect the. However, a single day is not enough to respect mothers. If we gave our whole life to our mothers, it will remain small.

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