How To Improve Google Website Ranking.

Nowadays people prefers to do online work because in online work you don’t need to stick to the business hours. Here you can earn online millions of Rupees just by managing sites and drive traffic to your site. But only by making a site you can’t make. For good and long time earning you should have to maintain a good rank of your site. Because if the rank of your site is good, then everyone who searches articles related to your site will saw your site first on the list. And you will get organic traffic. Thus your earning will increase. To improve Google website ranking follow these simple steps:-

How To Improve Google Website Ranking

Link-Building Strategy (Backlink)

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your website. Backlinks are the major role-player to helps in Improve Google Website Ranking. A page which has more quality type backlinks will rank higher.

Search engines use links to crawl the links between the individual pages on your website. Most of the SEOs spend the most of their time in trying to do Backlinks well. Because it helps a lot in improving Google Website Ranking. But Backlinks should be of high quality. If your quality is low then Google will penalize you (Because of its new Penguin updates)

The quality of links pointing to a webpage will make the difference in rankings. If you have high-quality links to your website, it will help you in Improve Google Website Ranking, and also you can get more traffic.

Mostly Link Building can be done in three ways:-

  1. “Natural” editorial links

  2. Manual “outreach” link building

  3. Self-created, non-editorial links

We will gave you details of these after some time.

So start Link building as soon as possible and improve your site ranking. But you should keep in mind that quality plays an important part over quantity. Only one link from a popular, authoritative site goes much further in improving Google website ranking than getting hundreds of links from not so famous and unknown internet sites.


Increase Your Site’s Speed

When you visit any site, and it takes much time to load, What will you feel? Like most of the people, you will also exit the site.

If your load speed is 1 second, It is good. But if your speed is more than 3 seconds then your visitor’s review will not be positive for your site, And this will influence your ranks. You can check your site’s speed Using Pingdom.

Improve google website ranking

Tips to increase your site’s speed:-

  1. Minimize HTTP Requests

  2. Reduce server response time

  3. Enable compression

  4. Enable browser caching

  5. Minify Resources

  6. Optimize images

  7. Optimize CSS Delivery

  8. Prioritize above-the-fold content

  9. Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site

  10. Reduce redirects


Keep Up-To-Date Your Site

Always Keep your website updates, this will helps a lot to improve google website ranking of your site. Because people always likes those site where they can found latest things, This will attract a lot of visitors to your site. Update your contents frequently time to time. You can post your articles daily on latest things and trends; this helps your search engine ranking for a long period. And the new/fresh content gives your visitors a reason to return to your site.


link-worthy Site

When quality links are pointed out to a website, that website received more visitors and got higher rankings in search engines.

Never use Click Here links. Always create Relevant Links related to that article with text. Also give destination of that link.

“Click Here” types link will never influence your website ranking, but the relevant category links will help in both directions i.e. the ranking of both the Sites attached with Link will increase.


Always Use Alt Tags

Whenever you add a media file to your post, add Alt text in that image. Any image on your site, the alt tag will describe whatโ€™s on the image.

improve google website ranking

This allows search engines to locate your page, this is very helpful for SEO, and in particular for those who use text-only browsers.


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