7 Best Vegetarian Chinese Food In India

Chinese Food Near Me – Chinese Foods Available In India

Mostly all the Indians love to eat Chinese Food, either they are young, old or child. We treat Chinese Food as our other Indian equivalents like Punjabi food, Mughlai cuisine, or Chettinad food.  But the Chinese Food in India is not as same as in China. If someone from Chines taste Indian Chinese Food, he will be shocked. Indian adopted various foods from China and make their Vegetarian version like Manchurian, chow mien, soups and so on. So if you are Looking for Vegetarian Chinese Food Near MeThen you are at the right place, here I will guide you to search 7 Best Vegetarian Chinese Food Near Me. 

7 Best Vegetarian Chinese Food Near Me

#1 Chinese Spring Roll

Chinese Spring Rolls are taken as Starter. These are the best if you are searching for best Vegetarian Chinese Food Near Me. In this, healthy vegetables are stir fried in Chinese sauces and then filled in maida based roti. You can use whatever vegetables present with you. Then this is formed like the rolls. After that, these rolls are fried until they got the golden color. Now simply delicious Chinese spring rolls.


 #2  Veg Manchurian

Veg Manchurian is all time best Chinese Dish. IF you are searching in India, Best Vegetarian Chinese Food Near me, this is the best answer. In this several vegetables are mixed with some spices. Then they are turned into small and cute balls. You can eat them dry or also with gravy. This dish can be eaten with rice also.

Here are various versions of Manchurian-like Paneer Manchurian,  Gobi Manchurian, and dry Manchurian.


#3 Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer also is a great Chinese Food In India which is made with Indian paneer and Chinese flavors. It is very simple to cook and also eat to eat. It is very delicious food.


#4 Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Hakka Noodles is all time hit Chinese food near me. Many vegetables are boiled with this Hakka Noodles. This dish is easy to made, one can be made it very easily. You can make restaurant style Chinese Cuisine in your own house. This Chinese vegetarian item is the favorite of all and one can make them within 10 minutes.


#5 Peppy Paneer

If you are searching spicy Chinese Food Near Me,  Peppy Paneer is the best option. It serves as a starter dish which is made with vegetables and Indian cottage cheese. This is flavored with delicious Chinese sauces. This is a tasty food and can be eaten with fried rice.


#6 Paneer Paprika

Paneer Paprika is the best Vegetarian Chinese Food Near Me. It is the blend of cottage cheese which is cooked in various bell peppers. This is tossed with the paprika sauce and paprika powder. This dish is also served as a starter. You can cook Paneer in various Chinese sauces and also use fragrant veggies.


#7 Chinese Fried Rice

Chinese Food Near Me


If you are looking for something easy to find Chinese Food Near me then you can check Chinese Fried Rice. These are easy to made and you can find them easily. In this basmati rice are cooked with various vegetables. You can make them spicy with various delicious Chinese sauces and spices. It serves as the main course and is increasing its popularity all over the bird.

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