Top World Records Made By Indians

India is a land of Record Brokers. In India, you can found many types of persons. All of them have some unique quality. So today we’ll tell you some World Records Made By Indians. By making these records, these individuals make our India proud.

So followings are top World Records Made By Indians

1. Longest Ear Hair

World Records Made By Indians

Anthony Victor (India)

Anthony is a retired headmaster, and his students know him as the “Ear-Haired Teacher.” The length of his Hair is 18.1 cm (from the center of his outer ears (middle of the pinna).

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2. World’s Largest Turban

World Records Made By Indians

His name is Avtar Singh Mauni, and he made a world record of world’s largest turban by wearing a huge turban.

Just like lay the stories of a building, he just keeps putting on the cloth from top to bottom one layer at a time.  This 60-year-old man took 16 years to make such a big turban. The measurements of this turban are 645m – It is so big that he is forced to travel by motorcycle as he can’t fit inside a car.

He says, “when I am not wearing my Turban, in that time I am feeling incomplete.”


3. World’s Largest Mustache

World Records Made By Indians

Ram Singh Chauhan, a 58-year-old man and is from India. Guinness World Records rewarded him with the title of “World’s Longest Mustache,” Because of his 14-foot long mustache. His mustache measured on an Italian TV show “Lo Show Dei Record,” 4 March 2010.

He started growing his mustache as a teenager and hasn’t trimmed since 32 years. He says, ” You need to nurture it because Growing a mustache is like taking care of a small baby -.” This record is the best of world records made by Indians.


4. World’s Fastest Typing Using Nose

World Records Made By Indians

Khursheed Hussain made this world record. Using his nose, He correctly typed a sentence in 47.44 seconds. Guinness World Records challenged him to type a sentence using his nose.That sentence consists 103 characters including grammar and Hussain can do that in 47.44 seconds.

Khursheed Hussain is 23 years old and from Hyderabad. He practiced this from 6 months and able to compit the challange of Guinness World Records. He successfully complete this challange and make a new record by breaking the record set by another Indian.


5. Most hugs given in one hour

World Records Made By Indians

Jayasimha Ravirala from Aditya Institute of Technology and Management, in Tekkali, Andhra Pradesh, India has made this record. He gave 2,436 hugs in one hour and make a world record by doing that. Thus this record is also a stunning World Records made By Indians.


6.  World’s Longest Fingernails

World Records Made By Indians

Shridhar Chillal, 78-year-old, from India, growing his left hand’s nails from his school days. It  become very difficult for him to find work and love. But he did not stop growing nails. 

Guinness World Records give Shridhar the Title of  ‘Longest Fingernails.’ And also features him in their 2016 edition.

The reason why He starts to growimg his nails is that. In school once he breaks somone’s nail and then his teacher beaten him very badly for that. When the ask their teacher, Why He beaten him so much. Their teacher tells him that they would never Know how tough is to take care of a long Nail. Then Shridhar takes this as challange and starts to grow his nails.

Measurement of his nails: – Thumb = two metres, middle finger = 186.6cm, ring finger = 181.6cm, little finger = 179.1cm and index finger = 164.5cm.

Indians has made these world records. Hope you get some good insipiration and knowledge from them.

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