Make Your Android Phone Faster With These Simple Tips

Android Smart Phone is the need of everyone now.  As we all know, Indian economy is becoming cashless day by day. Everyone is using their Smart Phones for paying for their needs.time.  It is necessary for a smartphone to be faster so that it can use at right time.

In this Article, we will provide some easy tips and instructions that can speed up your smartphone. At Content Home, we always provide legal stuff that can make your life easy. Following These Steps to Make Your Android Phone Faster

Tips for Speed up Your Android Smart Phone Are:

1. Disable all unnecessary apps and Servies

If you want your smart Phone to be faster, then you have to disable or delete unnecessary all apps and services which cover your RAM (Random Access Memory). For this purpose, you can use Performance Assistant. It helps to Make Your Android Phone Faster

Make Your Android Phone Faster

2. Keep Everything Updated

It is important for a smartphone to be updated with latest apps and updates. You can check for software updates in settings in your device. Software updates always come with new looks and with improved performance. Usually, updates are required for fixing software bugs and security issues


 Make Your Android Phone Faster

3. Focus on performance, not appearance

Many companies provide their own android launchers for a very good looking appearance. But actually, these type of launchers can slow the performance of your device. So it would be much better for you to forget about good appearance if you want to make your phone faster.

4. Do a factory reset

In case, your phone is hanging so much, do a factory reset by going to settings ->Reset Phone. This will surely make your phone faster than before. Before dong this process, please keep in mind one thing that you will lose your all data saved in your phone. So it will better to back up your data before doing a factory reset.


Make Your Android Phone Faster

5. Take benefit of default power saving mode

Power saving mode of your android phone is the best feature for those persons whose usage of the phone is more than 15-18 hours. This amazing feature is available on every android device. This feature if turned on, it will disable unnecessary apps and services which consume battery so much.

Make Your Android Phone Faster


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