Why are Samsung phone Battery exploding, what’s wrong with Samsung phone batteries?

Nowadays we all always stick to our phones even at night. Mobiles became the most important part of our life. And we can’t live without them. But when our smartphone is not secure, I mean if your smartphone explode then? This is what happens in some Samsung mobiles. There are some sets of Samsung which have critical problems of the battery. Samsung Phone Battery was good but what they are doing now is not okay.

Samsung phone Battery


Do the company do anything wrong during production or its a recall? Why Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is exploded? Here is everything you must know about it. May be there is a severe Samsung phone battery problem.

Why was Samsung Galaxy Phones exploded?

This becomes a major headache for the company. When many complaints lodged against the exploding of mobiles. Then Samsung company was forced to recall its sets. After the proper examination of these sets, the company reveals the reason of blowing i.e. there is a problem with Samsung phone battery. The company told why the Samsung phone battery was overheating and exploded. A scientific analysis was made by three consultive bodies; They found that the overheating of Samsung phone battery was caused by separate problems in batteries sourced from two different suppliers.

Samsung phone battery

When batteries sourced from Samsung SDI, because of lack of room between the heat-sealed protective pouch around the battery and as a result, it caused short circuiting. And when batteries sourced from Amperex Technology Limited, because of missing insulation tape, and had sharp protrusions inside the cell leads to damage to the separator between the anode and cathode. This increase the risk of short circuiting.

Are there the same problems with any other Samsung phone battery?

Here are some cases when Samsung phone battery exploded:

  • Sarah Crockett was going with her husband for dinner, and suddenly her Samsung Galaxy S7  phone exploded.
  • Daniel Ramirez from America was severely burnt due to the exploding of Samsung Galaxy S7 in his pocket.
  • In March 2011, a 4-year-old girl was badly burnt because Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was exploded while charging on her bedside table.

Samsung phone battery

Above were the three most trending complaints lodged against the Samsung mobiles. The reason behind these exploding was somehow related to the problems of Samsung phone battery.


Samsung Galaxy S8 could use Sony batteries

Samsung phone battery

As Samsung has serious problems regarding the Samsung phone battery, though they decided to use some other batteries in their new S8. So that they can reduce the crises of the exploding of their old sets. They decided to use Sony company’s battery for their betterment.


Here are some phones with best battery life:

  • Motorola Moto Z Play

  • Huawei Mate 9

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Active (and S7 Edge and S7)

  • OnePlus 3T

  • BlackBerry DTEK60

  • Samsung Galaxy J3

After Samsung got complaints regarding the exploding of their sets, they recall those sets. They experiment on 200,000 sets and then found the problems and now trying to sort them

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