How to Save Battery of an Android Mobile

As Android phones have many uses in our day to day life, we use them in our daily life for various tasks. Nowadays our life is impossible without a smartphone. Because our daily work mostly depends on smartphones, but here is a disadvantage in smartphones, As their battery life is up to a limited time only. And we have to change batteries after some time. If we used an android mobile continuously, then there is a need arise to charge it. However, now I’ll tell you how to optimum use your battery. With the following tips, you can increase your battery life, and use your mobile for a long time. With the next steps, you can Save Battery of your phone.

Tips to Save Battery Of Mobile

By Screen Time-Out Duration: –

By adjusting your phone’s Screen Timeout Duration, you can Save Battery a lot. To Save Battery set your Screen Timeout to its minimum level. If you don’t lock your mobile to Standby mode, it will help you a lot to save battery.

Save battery

Steps to reduce Screen Timeout: –

  • Go to device’s Settings > Display > Sleep or Screen Time-out.
  • Reduce it to 30 or 15 seconds. Enjoy a little more battery life.


By Turning off Vibration: –

We know that you love vibration, As it helps in many works. So you may hesitate to remove Vibration, But this will help a lot to save battery. By eliminating all types of Vibrations like vibration with ringing, vibration on touch, etc. in you mobile, this will contribute to saving some battery of your Android.

Turn off the Vibration with Ring is quite simple, but here are the steps to turn off  vibration on touch: –

  • Go to device’s Settings > Sound and Vibration > Other Sounds, and then  Turn Off Vibrate on tap.

You should also turn off vibration on your keyboard to save your some more battery.


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By Motion Gestures: –

If your mobile is having the feature of Motion Gesture (Double Tap to Wake, Some particular finger gesture to wake up the camera app from standby mode, etc.). And you don’t use them more, Here is a suggestion for you that to disable all this type of Motion Gestures. As they also consumed battery, so it ‘s nice to disable them to save battery. If you keep your Motion Gestures On, a part of your system alive all the time. So whenever someone touches these sensors, this will wake up the device and consumes battery.

Steps to turn off the Motion Gestures: –

  • Go to Settings > Motion Gestures or Gestures, Turn it off.

The Gestures location under the settings menu may vary depending on the type of device.


By Mobile Networks: –

If you are using 3G or 4G networks, they will consume a lot of battery. So always use them for a limited time. Turn your phone to 2G as soon as your requirement for 3G/4G connection is fulfilled. If you are in a location where there are not a single signal of the network, Turn your mobile to Aeroplane mode. This will prevent your system to search signals. Thus it will help to save battery.


By Disabling Auto Sync: –

When you have able the Auto Sync option, this will refresh continuously to find out the new things on mobile like new emails, pictures, contacts, etc. As a result, it consumes some battery. So if you don’t want a backup of these things, then it is beneficial to turn off Auto Sync to save battery.


Use Power Saving Mode: –

By using this feature, you can save a lot of battery of your mobile. Almost in all android mobiles, it is an Inbuilt Function under Settings > Battery/Power. If you enable Power Saver Mode, It will help in save battery, but also it will reduce the performance of your system. So its depends on your usage of your mobile whether you need performance or Battery.


By Dark Wallpapers for AMOLED: –

This will work only on some devices. In this display is turned off in those parts where you have something black on your wallpaper.To save battery by this feature of AMOLED screens, one can put on a black wallpaper and black backgrounds across the user interface.

Hope these tips will help you to save a lot of battery.

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