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In India when there is a festival or a special occasion, we all make many Rangoli Designs on that day. We all enjoy while making rangoli and feel awesome. Rangoli designs can be made by using colored sawdust, rice flour,  sand or rice. One can apply gulaal also to make simple and best Rangoli design. You can get all these from anywhere; these are readily available items. Nowadays Rangoli Moulds are also accessible in the market, which helps you to draw a good-shaped rangoli design.

In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Rangoli design is known as “Muggu ” and they use chalk, chalk powder or white rock powder to made it. Rangoli design is known as Mandana in Rajasthan; Kolam in Tamil Nadu; Aripana in Bihar; Chaookpurna in Chhattisgarh; Alpana in West Bengal; Golam kolam or kalam in Kerala and Chowk pujan in Uttar Pradesh.

Almost all of us want to make Rangoli, but it is not so easy. The main problem is to choose which Rangoli design would look awesome. In this article, I’ll tell you how to make Simple and easy rangoli Designs at home And also How to make Rangoli Designs for Diwali.

So Tody here I’ll tell you some simple and easy to made Rangoli design. 


1. Simple Rangoli Designs

Rangoli design

This is one of the very simplest Rangoli designs. You have to draw Lord Ganesha in the center and surround it with spiral patterns. One can make this design during festivals.


2. Swastika Rangoli Design

Rangoli design


The word Swastika is a Sanskrit word and is shaped – cross with four arms of equal length and turned at 90 degrees. The dots are added in between the four arms; one can also keep Diya for dots. This Rangoli design is mostly used in Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. It represents Shakti.


3. Lord Ganpati – Easy to made

Rangoli design

You can draw this rangoli design on Diwali or Ganesh Pooja. This is very apt for occasions like that.


4. Sanskar Bharti Rangoli Designs

Rangoli design

This is very simple design. You have to make Om in middle and then make a follower type shape around that.


5. Rangoli Design without dots

Rangoli design

In this, you need a perfect base. First, you can use the stencil to draw it. This rangoli design is looking very impressive, and all loves to watch it.


6. Rangoli Design for Diwali

Rangoli design

On the occasions of Diwali, to impress Goddess Lakshmi, a rangoli design is drawn on the entrance of the house. Type of rangoli depends upon the skills of the person. Usually one have to make rangoli with his hands and these are same as the doormats placed at the entrance. But these may vary.


7. Effortless Salt Rangoli Designs

Rangoli design

When we make Rangoli design with salt, it looks gorgeous, and it is not so difficult to make rangoli design with salt. All you need is some common salt and some paint. You can use craft/poster paint (also known as tempera paint). Squeezed a little of this paint into the jug of salt, stir it all together to get an even color. Then leave to dry overnight.

See, it’s easy to make painted salt. When the salt is totally dry, its color will not come off. Now you can make your rangoli quickly.


8. Simple Round Rangoli Design

Rangoli design

One can make this round rangoli without many efforts. It is very straightforward and easy to made. You can use various color like orange, red, blue, green and yellow to make your rangoli more attractive.


9. Floral Rangoli Designs

Rangoli design

This design looks like a painting. You can draw flowers in different colors, and you can add some leaves. You can fill each flower with the different color to show variety and creativity.


10.  HD Rangoli Designs

Rangoli design

Use bright colors like orange, yellow, and red in the center to make a stunning HD design. Add swastika or any other religious symbol in the middle; you can add more circles and extend the size of rangoli.


Now we’ll discuss, How to make beautiful Rangoli designs for Diwali – Top 10 Diwali rangoli designs


Diwali is the festival that brings joy and a lot of colors. By colors, I mean the beautiful outfits,  glittering lights, and trays of sweets. Now come to the main thing – Rangoli Designs – That colour which is we saw decorated in the floors or in our courtyards with beautiful patterns. Indians love to decorate their homes with these beautiful rangoli designs.

So Here are Easy and Simple Diwali Rangoli Designs:

1. Easy and Simple Rangoli Design for Beginners:
Rangoli Design

This rangoli design is one of the very simplest Rangoli Designs. One can be made this very quickly and easily. For those people who is not good in making rangoli like me, even they can also make this easily with beautiful colours.


2. Colourful Rangoli Decorated with Diyas and Lights:

Rangoli Design

When one is going to talk about Diwali, then we always think about dressing up. We add some spunk to our outfits that define our makeup. Thus, we can make our rangoli also very beautiful, colorful and dressy just by some little more efforts. But if you are able to make this rangoli design then I assure you it will be gorgeous looking.

3. Easy Ganesh Rangoli for Diwali:

Rangoli Design

To make Ganpati Rangoli is very famous and also very easy to make in the world of rangoli designs and patterns. The Ganpati Rangoli holds a very strong auspicious meaning and is very popular among Indians. Because this rangoli is related with the Lord Ganesha. And you can easily make this rangoli by colorful loose powders or colored rice grains. And Say Ganpati bappa moriya!!

4. Peacock Rangoli Pattern for this Year

Rangoli design

I am sure that everyone loves peacock because this bird is very beautiful. So there is no reason, that nobody like this stunning, beautiful Peacock Rangoli design? So, imagine a gorgeous spread of turquoise green and blue feathers around that long dainty neck-adorning your house’s floor. That’s why this is one more stunning rangoli patterns for inspiration. After all, this is our national bird’s rangoli, here is nothing in this to not love.

5. Peacock Designs for 2017

Rangoli Design

I am in very much love with this Peacock Rangoli, so posted an another rangoli related to the peacock. It’s not my fault, this rangoli is very attractive. Thus I am going to put it at the fifth number and also it oozes India. This pattern that inspired ‘India’ drives a point for sure. No one can miss this rangoli as it has our National Bird, National Flag Colours, and the iconic spinning wheel. For all the patriotic people, go for this rangoli this Diwali.

6. Social Media Theme Rangoli 2017Rangoli Design

In today’s life, no one can live without social media. It looks like these social media apps also make their presence in the world of rangoli. I am sure that most of the youngsters will go with this rangoli design. They can make this easy and simple rangoli in their own rooms as at doors only rangoli related to God or Diyas look beautiful and fine. But, this Diwali, also stay connected with this social media inspired design.

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Updated: July 16, 2017 — 7:00 pm
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