SpeedUp Computer With These Simple Steps

Nowadays all persons have Computers; we do our most of the work through Computers. We become very much dependable on computers. But if our Pc’s don’t run smoothly, we can’t be able to do our work on time. So here are some simple steps to SpeedUp Computer. 

Use Ccleaner to Speedup computer

Always remove unwanted files from Pc. Because more the free space in the computer more the smooth working will be (As an Os need some of your System’s space to work correctly). In your Pc, there will be many useless temporary files, old system files or installed service packs which cause a lot to hang your Pc. To remove them Here is the best Software for you i.e. CCleaner.

This software helps you to remove junk files, System cache, and other extra files.


speedup computer

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With the use of TOOLS option in CCleaner you can also do following tasks:-

  1. Uninstall any software.
  2. Maintain your Startup programs
  3. Set Browser Plugins
  4. Analyze your Disk
  5. Find Duplicates
  6. System Restore Option
  7. Can also Wipe Drive.

speedup computer


With the help of above software, you can quickly remove unnecessary files from your Pc and also can speedup computer.


Use External Storage Drives

Always try to store files to external drives like CD’s, Hard Drives and other storage devices like this. It has two advantages for you. First, you can easily walk with your data from one place to another. As you can’t lift computer with you and no need to carry your Lappy all the time. Secondly, while you transfer files from your Pc to External drives, some space will be freed from Computer. It helps in running window smoothly. You can also use Cloud storage. This will also helps a lot to speedup computer.


Disable Unnecessary Startup Programs

When we Start our window then there are various Startup programs which run automatically at the time of Turn On of windows.

From them, some programs are necessary while others are not necessarily required. When additional programs Run at the time of Startup, then it takes much time to Turn on the system, and thus it makes the system to run slow.

To remove useless programs follow these steps:-

  1. Press Windows key + R
  2. Type MSConfig in Run box and press enter
  3. Select services tab option and mark  Hide all Microsoft services

speedup computer

4. Unmark all the programs that you don’t want to Run at the time of Startup.

From here you can disable useless Startup programs. But if you Have Ccleaner then you can also follow these steps:-

speedup computer

  1. Open CCleaner & select Tools.
  2. Then select Startup.
  3. From here you can disable or enable any program you want.

So by following above steps, you can disable unwanted Startup Programs. As a result, your system takes less time to Turn on than earlier. Thus it will speedup computer.

Disk Defragment

After certain time files available on your Hard Drives get fragmented, As a result, your Pc slows down. If you want to your computer run Smoothly and with speed as it before, use Disk Defragment tool of your system. Here’s are steps to use it:-

In Windows 10 this function run automatically as per scheduled set, Here are Steps to Defragment in Windows 7 & 8:-

speedup computer

In Windows 10 you can found this by searching Defragment. But In other windows go to All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter.

speedup computer

  1. Now Select hard drive that you want to drive and click on Analyze.

speedup computer

     2. Check your fragmented files’ percentage in results.

speedup computer

If your fragmentation rate is under 5%, defragmentation process doesn’t take too long to finish.

       3. Then click on Optimize. Do it only when you don’t use your computer for anything else (For the effective defragment).

4. When the process reaches 0%, you have done. Now your window will run smoothly.

Note: Defrag can’t be done on Solid State Drives (SSDs).


Don’t use many Animations

Animations look cool but only on new windows. After some time they slow down the system and looks not more than annoying things. More will be animations slower your computer will be. To speedup computer, you should reduce some animations.

  • In Windows 10 – Go to Control Center > Ease of Access Center and select Turn off unnecessary animations.
  • In 7 & 8 – Go to Control Center > Ease of Access Center and select make the computer easier to see. After that select Turn off unnecessary animations.


Scan for Virus

Sometimes your computer met with some viruses which slow down its speed. The virus comes from the Internet when you pass on by some bad sites or click on some links which contain malware. So to remove such type of virus, scan your Pc after proper intervals. Windows Defender is good for scanning and removing viruses. You can also use other Antivirus Softwares that you want. It will help in Speed up your computer.

Reinstall Windows to speedup computer

After following the above steps, If your window is still slow. Then you need to reinstall Windows. Nothing is better than a new and fresh window. When you install new windows then all junk files, Unwanted Software, Viruses will be removed, and your computer will be run smoothly.


For this purpose, Windows 8 & 10 Users have 2 Options:-

Recovery (Refresh): – It is like a new window. It will refresh the whole system. In this, you can keep your personal files with you. But it deletes Viruses and junk files and manifests broken registry files. Thus helps in speed up your computer.

speedup computer

  1. Go to Settings => Change PC settings => Update & Security => Recovery
  2. Then Under Refresh your PC without affecting your files, click Get Started
  3. Follow instructions those will appears on your screen.
  4. That’s it.


2. Another option is to Reset your Pc: – This will properly format your computer. So we advised you to backup your valuable data.

speedup computer

  1. Go to Settings => Change PC settings => Update & Security => Recovery.
  2. Under Remove everything and reinstall Windows click on Get Started
  3. Follow instructions appears on the screen.


In Windows 7, this process is complicated and consumes a lot of time. So we’d recommend you to upgrade to Windows 10. It’s faster and user-friendly. If your PC starts to slow down again, you can do the quick refresh as we mentioned above.

Hope these tips will help you. But after that, if you have any problem, Please comment down.


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