Follow These Simple Steps To Impress Girls!

If you loves a girl, and want to impress her. So that She will also be in love with you. This is not so much difficult. You have to use the steps written below to impress girls.

On the last of this page, i provided a video for your help.

Impress girls

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Mostly the girls were influences with three things the most:-

  1. Our Looks
  2. what we talk &
  3. How we talk.

If you want to impress your girl then you should have to be good in these three characters. Here are some tips you should follow:-

1. Your looks to impress girls:- 

You should be good looking if you want to impress a girl. Your dressing sense should be perfect. Your Hairstyle, clothes should be of best standards. Here are some tips for you:-

  • Always ask your sister or any female friend about what you should wear to meet that girl.
  • Check the latest trend daily, and select your clothes accordingly.
  • If you are a businessman or a working man then wear those clothes which convert you like Formal clothes.

The girls like most of the perfectly body-shaped boys, But if you are fat then don’t worry. Girls will surely like you. Just read the following tips:-

Impress girls

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  • You should not dare to wear tight clothes in front of the girl. You should have to try some stylish & trending clothes. Now I am not gonna tell you about the clothes in deep. Go to and search yourself.
  • Fat people must have good body language. Because it gave your bad impression. You should have to maintain proper eye-contact, proper movement of hands while talking and keep a smile on face.
  • A girl likes the fun personalities. Even A man having rock solid body can’t impress the woman. But a jolly natured man can easily impress women.

2. What we have to say to Impress girls:-

You should talk with your girl in such a way that it will influence her. Here are some Tips:-

First, you should have to get proper her information about her likes/dislikes. Then discuss with her her favorite topics more.

You should sometimes tease her but not more. You can put some jokes and do pranks with her to make her feel happy.

3. How to say:-

If you have good looks and have enough knowledge about her, but you don’t know how to say/ how to express them. Then you could not be able to impress her. Here are some tips:-

  • While talking with her, you must choose some good topic. The topics must be of her interest, otherwise, it will bore her.
  • Never talk too much. Listen to her carefully and with interest while she Talking.
  • Always sprinkle some dramatic and comedic flair while talking to fresh her mood.
  • Never go in detail in pointless conversations.
  • Be original. Always do that pranks or things with her, which she could not do with anybody else.
  • Always Be in control And respect her. It is an impressive solution to let a girl be aware of the presence of gentleman in you.
  • Be mysterious. Never tell her all the details about you in one meeting.

For example, If she asks you what you have to drive then told her that you have a motor-scooter (even if you have an awesome car. But when she founds that you have a car, It will impress her a lot. She’ll be impressed by your humorousness and modesty.

Following is the video that will help you a lot to impress girls

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