Top 8 Chinese Food Streets in China

According to a saying, people regards food as their God. As per this line, food plays a significant role in one’s life. So if you are visiting China and wants to eat delicious Chinese food, we provide you here top eight Chinese food streets of China. You can get a great tasty food with a small budget in these Chinese food streets. These streets are so relaxing that you will feel very comfort there. Here we put a list of top, and famous streets have delicious Chinese food. Also, we highlighted favorite restaurant and Chinese food items present there.

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1. ‘Ghost Street’ (Gui Street) – Beijing

Chinese foodFeatures: –

  • Open 24×7
  • This street has about 100 restaurants
  • A relaxed atmosphere and having an excellent customer service
  • Location: Inner Dongzhimen Street, District Dongcheng  
  • Famous Chinese Food items:
  1. Spicy Snacks (includes tasty crabs, scorpions, spicy, peppery little lobsters, and stewed red mutton)
  • Best restaurants:
  1. Jingui Xiaoshancheng Spicy Food
  2. Jiangbian Chengwai Roasted Fish

Other Chinese Food streets at Beijing: –

  1. Wangfujing Snack Street
  2. Niu Jie Muslim Snack Street
  3. Qianmen Snack Street and
  4. Shichahai Snack Street


2. City God Temple — Shanghai

Features: – Chinese food

  • Shops ranging (from jewelry to boutiques to snackeries)
  • It as an ancient building complex
  • Having dozens of Chinese food items
  • Location: 249 Fangbin Middle Road, (Huangpu District)
  • Recommended Chinese food items: –
  1.  Shanghai steamed dumplings and
  2. Other local dim sum
  • Favorite restaurants:
  1. Kobayashi
  2. Shanghai Chic

Other Chinese food streets present in Shanghai: –

  1. Hongqi Square
  2. Wujiang Road
  3. Yunnan Road
  4. Huanghe Road and
  5. Wukang Road Snacks Street

3. Muslim Street (Huimin Street) — Xi’an

Chinese foodFeatures: –

  • This Chinese food street is the hub of the Muslim community of Xi’an
  • There are many Ancient mosques
  • Here you can get Muslim food and local snacks of Xi’an
  • Location: Bell and Drum Tower Square (Beilin District)


  • Recommended Chinese food items:
  1. Jiasan steamed buns stuffed with juicy beef (mutton)
  2. Crumbled unleavened bread in meat stew
  3. Pingwa baked meats
  4. Cold noodles
  5. Rou Jia Mo
  6. Fruit pie
  • Best restaurants:
  1. Wang Family Dumplings
  2. Sun Family Mutton Steamed Bread
  3. Jia San Halal Soup and Bun Restaurant and
  4. Tong Sheng Xiang Beef Steamed Bread Restaurant

Other Chinese food streets present in Xi’an:

  1. Beiyuan Gate
  2. Huajue Lane
  3. Xiyang Market and
  4. Dapi Yuan

4. Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street (Guangzhou)

Chinese foodFeatures: –

  • You can get here smooth, delicate, fresh, and crispy Chinese food items.
  • This street is known for authentic dim sum.
  • Morning tea and lunches are most popular here.
  • Location: On the junction of Shangjiu Road and Xiajiu Road (Liwan District)


  • Recommended Chinese food items: –
  1. Fresh lobster sausage
  2. Pumpkin dumplings
  3. Stewed milk beancurd and
  4. Tingzai Porridge
  • Recommended restaurants: –
  1. Renxin Stewed Milk Beancurd
  2. Yin’s Steamed Vermicelli Roll

Other Chinese food streets present in Guangzhou:

  1. Huifu Snack Street
  2. Beijing Road Pedestrian Street


5. Hefang Street — Hangzhou

Chinese foodFeatures: –

  • You can get here fresh and delicate Chinese Food items
  • Here you can see local snacks Art hawkers and Chinese crafts, pillow shops, caricaturists, candy sculptors,  old-fashioned movie players, bonsai shops, teahouses, storytellers, and an array of small eateries
  • Location: at the east end of the pedestrian street (next to Wu Mountain)


  • Recommended Chinese food items: –
  1. Dingsheng cake
  2. Stinky tofu
  3. Shortcake
  4. Mutton sumai and
  5. Lotus root starch
  • Best restaurants: –
  1. Xi Le Yuan
  2. Bao He Tang
  3. Tai Ji Teahouse
  4. Wang Run Xing Restaurant and
  5. Chinese medicine at Hu Qing Yu Tang

Other food streets in Hangzhou: –

  1. Hedong Road
  2. Jingzhou Road
  3. Gaoyin Street
  4. Baochu Road and
  5. Jinjiang Seafood Snack Street


6. Jinli Ancient Street (Chengdu)

Chinese foodFeatures: –

  • You can get here hot and spicy Chinese food items.
  • This street is known as ‘First Street of the Shu Kingdom.’
  • You can get here souvenirs, local handicrafts, and snacks.
  • Here you can see inns, opera stages, traditional Chinese-style teahouses, artworks, restaurants, bars, hotels, and cafés
  • Some Favorite Shows: – shadow puppetry shows, Chuan Opera performances, and hand puppet shows
  • Location: 231-1 Wuhouci Street (to the east of Wuhou Memorial Temple)
  • Recommended food items: –
  1. Wontons
  2. San Da Pao
  3. Sticky rice balls and
  4. Three Kingdoms dishes
  • Best restaurants:
  1. San Guo Cha Yuan

Other food streets in Chengdu: –

  1. Shaxi Line
  2. Wuhouci Street
  3. Yangxi Snack Street
  4. Funan New District Hotpot Street
  5. Caotang Food and Entertainment Circle


7. Pozi Street (Changsha)

Chinese foodFeatures: –

  • You can get here sour, aromatic, and spicy Chinese food items.
  • This street is one of the oldest streets of Changsha.
  • Here you can get folk crafts and saw traditional performances.


  • Recommended food items: –
  1. Stinky tofu
  2. Spicy shrimps
  3. Three Layer Chicken
  4. Changsha rice cakes
  5. Changsha milk cakes
  6. Glutinous rice dumplings and
  7. Four Dishes from One Duck
  • Best restaurants:
  1. Fire God Palace

Other food streets in Changsha: –

  1. Jar Street
  2. Steamed Vegetable Street


8. Nanbin Road (Chongqing)

Chinese foodFeatures: –

  • This street is a hotpot and leisure paradise for locals as well as tourists.
  • Here you can see handicrafts stores, teahouses, flower shops, and scores of local restaurants
  • Recommended Food Items: –
  1. Chongqing hotpot
  2. Tea-smoked duck
  3. Dandan spicy noodles
  4. Dry-stewed fish and
  5. Chicken with spring water
  • Best restaurants: –
  1. Ba Wei Tang
  2. Yuxin Chuan Cai

Other food streets in Chongqing: –

  1. Bayi Street
  2. Chongqing night markets
  3. Jiefangbei Central Business District

Above are the top best roads of China where you can get delicious Chinese food items and can enjoy the time with other traditional activities.

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