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Today I will discuss with you some cool youtube tricks. First, you have to know in brief about youtube. According To Alexa YouTube is the third most popular site in the World after Google & Facebook. Daily Millions of People subscribe to youtube channels. And also millions of people visit youtube daily. Youtube is available in more than 60 languages and approx. in 43 countries.

Now youtube is becoming┬ámore famous as millions of people joins youtube daily. Because daily thousands of videos are uploaded in youtube. And these are of the interest of people so people like them. We can found latest videos on youtube on any category whether it is Technology, Education, News, Food or even Joke’ss videos also.

Following are some YouTube Tricks For YouTubers:-

  1. Play Videos in Slow Motion

If you want to watch your favorite videos in slow motion like Dance steps and so on. Youtube provide you a feature to play youtube video in slow motion.

Following is the simple youtube trick, with this you can play any of your favorite videos in slow motion.

  1. Play any video and click On settings.
  2. Select Speed option.

Cool YouTube Trics

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